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Loss of Business Income Insurance Coverage

Loss of business income can be due to several circumstances that lead to sudden interruption in the normal flow of business operations. It could be due to damage to the commercial property brought about by a calamity, unauthorized break-in, theft and vandalism among many others Whatever your business situation may be, we can assist and facilitate you in filing for insurance claim.

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We Can Help You File for Loss of Business Insurance Claim

In general, business and commercial property owners sign up for an insurance policy for protection against unavoidable circumstances. Insurance policies are often structured base on their individual needs. Sometimes, this can cause a great deal of confusion come claiming time because their interpretation of their policy is far from what they have initially understood.

We can help you in dealing with this situation. We understand the language of Insurance Companies and we know exactly what approach would work best and to your advantage. As Public Adjusters, we can defend for your entitlement for reasonable insurance coverage which can make up for your losses.

Business Owners in Miami and Other Key Cities Can Always Count On Us

As Public Adjusters that had been in the industry for years, we understand the various dilemmas of insurance policyholders. Those claiming coverage due to loss of business income usually have more complex cases that require specialized attention. For this reason, we are extending our expertise to all business owners and commercial property owners across Miami and surrounding cities.

You can contact us anytime for a free consultation. We are currently home-based in Miami but we’re serving other cities around Florida as well. If you need professional assistance by a Public Adjuster and you’re aiming for unparalleled results, just give us a call.

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Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Most Common Scenarios that Require a Public Adjuster

Natural calamities such as flood and hurricane are common around Miami, and can severely affect normal business operations. Other circumstances that can impair a business are fire accidents, theft and the need for immediate maintenance services. All these can result to loss of revenue since the business cannot operate on a normal basis.

And when a business in unable to operate; there are insufficient funds to cover the expenses and employees will not get paid. This can cause the business to fall apart. In order for you to properly manage this situation, allow us to offer you our services. We can help you get sufficient insurance coverage that can help you get past this challenging phase in your business.

What We Can Do for You as Public Adjuster

Loss of Business Income insurance claim is essential to enable policyholders to recover. This means that in the event that their business is unable to operate normally, the loss in their revenue can be compensated by the insurance coverage. However, it is not usually as easy as it may seem.

Most of the time, conflicts between a policyholder and the insurance provider arise due to the length of time that a business will not be able to operate. Furthermore, in some cases, claims are being denied due to the results of the investigation. As Public Adjuster, it is our duty to prevent these from happening and to counteract the wrong interpretations made by the insurance provider. Thus, we can conduct our own investigation and negotiate from a better standpoint.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

As Public Adjuster, We Preserve Your Rights to Coverage

The interests of insurance companies are represented by their in-house Claims Handler or in some cases; they hire the services of an Independent Adjuster. Either way, the course of the investigation can be geared towards their favor. That’s how insurance companies normally process claims. As Public Adjuster, we understand the intricacies of managing a business and the fragile balance it has to maintain during difficult times.

That is why we cannot allow you to be low-balled by your insurance provider or to lose your rights to fair coverage. Our commitment is to represent your best interests and to negotiate for a settlement that can cover your business damages and losses so you can get back to normal operations.

A Denied Claim May Not Be Absolute and Final

If your insurance claim for loss of business income has been denied or you’ve been given unsatisfactory settlement, call us right away so we can review your case. We can interpret your insurance policy to determine what coverage you’re entitled to. We can also inspect your property to accurately calculate the losses. From there, we can create a suitable plan on how we can substantiate the evidences so we can negotiate with proper and complete documentation.

We have reviewed and re-opened numerous cases around Miami and Greater Area. And we guarantee you that a denied claim is not always absolute and final. Contact our Public Adjuster office so we can discuss your options.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Loss of Business Income Is Not Where It All Ends

In our years of practice as Public Adjuster across Miami and other neighboring cities, we’ve seen numerous businesses which are barely hanging by a thread due to their losses. Business owners struggle to fight for insurance claims which can be extremely stressful and draining. We know very well that insurance policies can be quite tricky and complex.

And the promise of coverage is not always fulfilled. This is where we focus our expertise. We want business owners to understand that their insurance coverage should be their strongest weapon towards recovery. Thus, we make use of our expertise to claim for their rights and to help them find the means to start over.

Our Services will Remain Free until You Get Your Settlement

We are committed to preserve and to fight for the insurance rights of business owners around Miami and other key cities. Thus, we are serving all our clients for Free until they get their settlement. We will not charge you with any fees until we’re able to recover what you deserve. In the event that we failed to help you, you don’t need to pay us.

As Public Adjuster, we are more focused on the outcomes of our negotiations. And we claim our fair share of success only if we are able to win the case of our clients. That is why if you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to opt for a Free Consultation. We will not charge you with anything until we’ve reached the winning end.

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