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Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim

Hurricanes are common occurrences in Miami and around its neighboring cities. We understand its devastating and destructive effects to property owners. For this reason, representation for insurance claims following a Hurricane Damage is part of our expertise. Our objective is to assist our clients in claiming for maximum insurance coverage for the damages caused by a hurricane calamity.

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Extending Our Services in Miami and Other Key Cities in Florida

Our Public Adjusters Office is located in Miami but we’re currently serving other key cities around Florida. We are trying to expand our scope of coverage in order to serve more insurance policy holders who are in need of our services. We are particularly concerned about the areas that are often being hit by hurricanes wherein the number of policy holders claiming for insurance coverage tend to spike up whenever calamity strikes. If you want to know more about the ways in which we can help, we can offer you free consultation in your most convenient time.

Insurance Companies Can Be More Drastic than the Hurricane that Hit You

In our years of experience as Public Adjuster, we have encountered different cases ranging from denied claims to unreasonable settlements. There are even claims that had been left hanging and unresolved for a long time. So you can just imagine the disappointment and stress that the property owners have gone through. And we’ve seen them through it all. Indeed, Insurance Companies can be drastic with their decisions. It seems usual for them to deny or to prolong insurance claims during the most difficult times. In such cases, dealing with your insurance provider can be just as devastating as the hurricane that hit you. And it could get even worse.

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Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

You Are Not Alone and You’re Not Out of Options

Part of our duty as Public Adjusters is to make sure that the rights of insurance policy holders are protected. We make sure that, as our client, you will be properly and legally represented when claiming for insurance coverage. You don’t have to be alone in the process – or to go through the ordeal of getting denied of your claims. We can prepare all your documents, secure evidences and negotiate on your behalf. Our objective is to come up with a resolution with your insurance company so you can get a fair and reasonable settlement that can cover all damages left by the hurricane.

Denied Insurance Claims? Let us review your case!

We know that it is not easy to accept that you’ve been denied of your rights as a policy holder. Insurance Companies tend to look for the inadequacies in every case instead of focusing on what is right there before their eyes. It may seem harsh and unfair; but that’s how the cards are being played in this industry. They have this tendency to look for the loopholes and weak areas of every case to which they can base their final resolution. If you feel that you are in this situation right now, rest assured that we can help you review your case. We can represent you and negotiate on your behalf. As Public Adjusters, it is our rightful duty to claim what you deserve as a policy holder.

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Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Don’t Settle for Less. We’re Here to Help.

Not all insurance claims for hurricane damage are denied. Some policy holders manage to get a settlement. However, it’s usually not enough to cover all the losses and repair expenses left by the hurricane. We understand this situation very well and we’ve encountered countless similar cases within Miami and surrounding cities. In fact, some property owners settle with what their insurance provider offers to them. They feel that it’s better than nothing and that they’re luckier compared to others. This should not be the case. Why would you settle for far less than what you deserve? As Public Adjuster, we want to put emphasis on your right to claim for your fair share. If you’ll let us, we can negotiate for a better settlement to cover all your losses.

Don’t Be On the Losing End

Hurricane damages can be devastating and it takes time to recover from the trauma. That is why we are extending our services to all insurance policy holders to take the burden of having to deal with their insurance provider off their shoulders. Following a major calamity in Miami or in other hurricane-prone cities, the number of policy holders claiming for insurance coverage rises significantly – almost to an overwhelming level. Thus, the likelihood of getting denied for insurance claim also increases. As Public Adjusters, we cannot allow policy holders to be on the losing end especially when they have every right for impartial settlement. You don’t have to deal with it alone because it is our job to represent your best interests in such circumstances.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Your Insurance Concern is also Our Concern as Public Adjuster

Our clients are always our top priority. Basically our clientele consists of insurance policy holders from Miami and other key cities around Florida who had been denied of their claims, received unfair settlement, had prolonged insurance claims, and have hanging cases among many others. And because they are our top priority, their concern is also our concern. As Public Adjuster, we make sure that each case is handled specifically. We review the merits of every case in order to identify the weak areas and the strong areas. We gather evidences to support our claim and negotiate from a point of advantage. In this manner, we can guarantee better and more favorable outcomes.

Hurricane Damage to No Damage

As Public Adjuster, we want to be able to emphasize your rights for insurance coverage. Our services are geared towards acquiring the best possible settlement that can help you get your life back on tracks. We are committed to present you with the best results because winning your case is all that matters to us. That is why we want to transform every “hurricane damage situation” into a “no damage situation” by helping you get a complete and more enhanced insurance coverage.

And in the event that you don’t get paid, you don’t have to pay for our services as well. Our assistance will remain free, in such circumstance. Therefore, from your end, we can guarantee that you have nothing to lose; but there’s so much you can possibly gain by seeking our services.

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