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Mold infestation to any property can have damaging effects. Molds are nasty and disturbing fungus that can corrupt and spoil a property. They thrive in moist areas where there’s water or moisture retention and continuously affect other unsuspected locations. We can help you file the insurance claim and speed up the entire process for you.

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Mold Damage Public Adjuster Serving Miami and Other Key Cities

We are extending our services to all property owners around Miami and other key cities. Our main office is currently based in Miami and we’re continuously exerting our efforts to cover a wider area. We want to make our services accessible to all property owners and to be able to rightfully represent every mold damage insurance claim.

We are aware that this case can be quite tricky and complex. It requires a more specialized approach which is why we highly recommend that you to contact us right away should you need our assistance in claiming for mold damage coverage.

Mold Damage Claim is Not as Simple as You Think It Is

In general, claiming for mold damage insurance coverage is a highly intricate process. Aside from the complexity of the case, most insurance companies would insist that there are certain limitations and mold exclusions in property insurance policies. However, if you’ll look closely at the entire scenario, mold damage is not the disease itself but rather the symptom of a more serious underlying condition.

Mold damage is often always linked to water damage because it is primarily caused by water retention and excessive moisture build-up. To validate this evidence and to properly present your claim, you would need Public Adjusters who can defend and fight for your case. And this is exactly what we can do for you.

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Why You Need to Take Mold Damage Seriously

Molds are more dangerous and risky than you think they are. If you think that they are merely ugly stains and widespread specks on the surfaces, you are underestimating the problem. Molds develop quickly and thrive in moist areas while slowly contaminating your entire property. Sometimes they can be invisible to the eye. If the problem is left untreated, molds can be detrimental to your health.

They can cause a string of health problems ranging from allergies to more severe forms of respiratory tract infection. Allow us to handle the claim from a point of advantage so you can jumpstart the process of having the problem eliminated. We know exactly how to approach this situation.

Mold Damage Claims are Serious Business to Us

As Public Adjusters, we try to understand the weight of every situation. In general, mold damage claims have high chances of getting denied due to certain limitations imposed by insurance companies. Every insurance policy has exclusion clauses that must be taken into account. However, mold damages are just the tip of the iceberg.

In most cases that we handled within Miami and other neighboring cities, the main culprits behind the molds are either extensive water damage or roof damage. This adds up to the complexity of the case. Our duty as Public Adjuster is to establish evidence which will prove that insurance coverage is rightfully deserved by your case.

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Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

A Denied Insurance Claim is Not Where it All Ends – We Can Help!

No, there is no shortcoming on your part. And no, you didn’t make a mistake in your choice of insurance provider. That’s just how it works. To insurance companies, mold damage is a sign of property neglect; on your part, you see it as damage to your property; and to us, as Public Adjusters, we perceive it as a by-product of an underlying problem.

Allow us to make the assessment so we can take the necessary action to turn the resolution to your favor. We can furnish clear-cut evidence as to why you deserve insurance coverage. Therefore, take comfort in knowing that a denied insurance claim is not the end of the process. To us, this is right where we can begin doing our job.

Why You Need Public Adjuster to Handle Mold Damage Insurance Claim

Molds are common issues in Miami and its neighboring cities due to the climate and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions. During the wet season and hurricane season, moisture thrives in some areas of your property and even in some unsuspected locations. This can further be aggravated by other related or existing damages that cause further moisture retention.

That is why in case of mold damage to your property, we strongly advise you to take our offer as your legal representative in claiming for insurance coverage. We can help you prepare all the necessary documents and to secure concrete evidence that can validate your claim.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Contact Us Now and Let Us Help You

We are continuously serving property owners all across Miami and other key cities around Florida. Our services as Public Adjusters go beyond representing insurance policyholders and negotiating on their behalf. We also offer free consultation to policyholders who need to be enlightened about their rights as consumers.

Our duties and responsibilities are regulated by the state which makes us your rightful and legal representatives in claiming for mold damage insurance coverage. Feel free to contact us in your most convenient time so we can discuss your other options.

No Recovery? Then Our Services will Remain Free

We don’t want to burden you with any costs. For this reason, we are offering you free services until you get paid. We will not charge you with any professional fees unless you get your settlement. And in any instance that you don’t get anything from your insurance provider, we guarantee you that we will not charge you with anything. As Public Adjusters, we focus on results. That is why we’re putting our best foot forward when negotiating to ensure that we get the most favorable resolution in every case that we handle.

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