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Property owners of Dania can conveniently avail our Public Adjusting services. We’re bringing on the table innovative and strategic approaches that can help residents of Dania claim for the maximum amount of insurance coverage they deserve. Our years of expertise in the field have made us one of the top allies in dealing with insurance companies. Allow us to serve you by representing your case to your insurance provider

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An Overview of the Importance of Public Adjuster

Dania Beach, Florida is a picturesque vacation spot that features a handful of outdoor activities and the award-winning “Blue Wave Beaches”. Regardless of how dreamy this place can be; it is not spared from destructive hurricanes, heavy storms, and floods. Thus, property owners are drawn to sign up for insurance coverage to gain peace of mind in case of calamity and other emergencies such as fire, theft and water damage among many others.

However, when claiming time arrives, that’s when property owners start to face real challenges. The process of claiming for insurance coverage is actually far from easy and uncomplicated. Some policyholders even get denied their claims while there are some who are offered with an unfair settlement. As Public Adjusters, it is our job to reverse such decisions. We make sure that policyholders get the best possible settlement and maximum coverage for all the damages and losses. We can manage and negotiate for the best resolution.

Public Adjusters Serving Property Owners All Across Dania

We’re extending our services to all property owners of Dania. If you’ve been denied insurance coverage, received an unfair amount of settlement or have been kept hanging for a long time by your insurance company; we can serve as the mediator. Our duty and responsibility as Public Adjuster are to represent insurance policyholders in claiming for their rightful claims. Thus, you can rely on us to provide you with professional representation so that you won’t have to go through the entire stressful process alone.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

Our Professional Services as Public Adjuster

As Public Adjuster, we handle each case specifically. This means that we formulate approaches and strategies specific to the case. We understand that not all cases should be dealt with in the same manner. And it is for this reason that we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case in order to be able to fill in the inadequacies with substantial evidence. For you to understand how we implement our services, we’ve streamlined the flow of the process;

  1. Insurance Policy Evaluation: We’re aware that some policyholders don’t understand their insurance coverage. Thus, we start by evaluating and interpreting the policy to determine the extent to which we can file for claims.
  2. Assessment: We assess the damages and losses to initiate the investigation process
  3. Collection of Evidence: We will start recording, documenting and substantiating all the evidence needed in filing for the claim. If necessary, we may contact other specialists who can furnish supporting documents to further validate the assessment
  4. Cost Estimate: We would need to determine the cost of repair/recovery in order to contest for a sufficient amount to cover all expenses
  5. Negotiation: Our job as Public Adjuster is to unload the burden from your shoulders. That is why we will be the ones to present your case to your insurance provider and negotiate on your behalf for the maximum amount of coverage
  6. Final Settlement: We would present to you the product of our negotiation which is a reasonable settlement and maximum coverage

Our Commitment to Property Owners of Dania

Through our years of experience, we’ve gained a full understanding of how insurance companies work. Therefore, we know how to approach them from a position of strength and credibility. And we can rightfully negotiate for a settlement that is fair and reasonable enough to cover all your damages and losses. As Public Adjuster, you can count on us to claim what you deserve in terms of insurance coverage.

Free Services. YES. Free until you get paid

Committed to help you maximize your insurance claim based on your loss

If We Are Unable to Help You, Consider Our Services Free!

Our services will remain free until you get your settlement. This means that you will only pay us once we’ve acquired your insurance coverage. If we fail to help you, then you don’t have to pay for us at all.