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By Giovanni B.

How to Deal with Denied Insurance Claims

Insurance claim denial is the worst thing that could happen to you after sustaining damages to your property. Sadly, for insurance companies, a decision that has already been made is almost always final. This can leave you with feelings of frustration and defeat. But how are you going to manage the situation when you believe that your property is entitled to an insurance coverage?

Insurance companies base their decisions on the reports furnished by their Claims Handler or by an Independent Adjuster. These individuals conduct investigation and assess the damages to determine the extent to which the insurance company is liable. They represent your insurance provider which means that their report is geared towards the best interests of the company they work for. 

What are the most common reasons why insurance claims are denied?

As an insurance policy holder, you have to be aware of the circumstances that often lead to denial of claims. Understanding these factors can provide you with better understanding on how to avoid getting denied by your insurance company in the future. Becoming aware can likewise put you in a better position where you can have favorable access to a resolution. These are the most common reasons for insurance claims denial;

  • Failure to file for insurance claim within the required period following the occurrence of the damage
  • Making false statements and claims that lack merit
  • Failure to pay your insurance premium or not making timely payments
  • Undocumented damages  and lack of substantial evidences that support your claim
  • Neglect on your part that led to further damages
  • If somebody else is liable for the damage
  • A question between actual occurrence or poor maintenance
  • Exclusion clauses in your insurance policy

Claiming for Insurance Coverage: The Sad Truth

It is common knowledge that when an insurance provider is presenting you with a proposal to purchase an insurance policy, everything seems so promising and easy. They would present to you a package that can guarantee you peace of mind and convenience – one that is just too hard to resist. However, when the time comes for you to claim what they’ve promised, that’s where the fairy tale ends.

As a property owner, it is natural for you to feel anger and resentment towards your insurance provider especially when they’re showing you the loopholes, gaps and inadequacies in your claim. All these are outcomes of the investigation duly accomplished by Adjusters that represent their company. To you, it may seem like you’re being led to believe on something that is right and credible; but to them, it’s just business. And that’s how it works.

Managing the Situation

Insurance Companies have Insurance Adjusters that represent the company and their interests. Who represents yours as a policyholder

Now this is something that you must consider every time you make an insurance claim whether for water damage, fire damage, loss of business and damages brought about by natural calamities among many others. To get your best foot forward and to spare yourself from the stress and frustration of having to deal with an insurance claim denial, consider hiring someone who has legal rights to represent you and to negotiate on your behalf. 

adjuster help with insurance claims
adjuster help with insurance claims

Public Adjuster to Your Rescue

Seeking the services of licensed and professional Public Adjusters can spare you a great amount of stress. You and your interests will be rightfully represented. Even if you’ve been denied of your claims, consulting a Public Adjuster may turn the situation around in your favor. They have the expertise to deal with even the most ambiguous insurance policies. And their services can put you in a position where you can gain an advantage over the situation. Here’s what you can expect from a Public Adjuster;

Professional Consultation

It is within the duty of Public Adjusters to listen to your grievances and concerns about your insurance provider. They can offer you a suitable advice and present viable options on how to approach the issue of insurance denial.

They can review and interpret your insurance policy to determine its strengths and the highest extent to which you can fight for your claim.

Documentation of Evidences

Complete and proper documentation is an important factor when claiming for insurance coverage. Public Adjusters are equipped with advanced expertise regarding insurance claims and the pertinent documents that can support them. They know how validate and strengthen a case by securing all documents that are crucial to winning a case. If your claim had been denied, they will study your policy closely to identify the merits of your case and to highlight the elements that reveal your entitlement as a policy holder. All gaps and inadequacies will be filled with documented evidences to ensure that you can maximize your claim.

Negotiation Process

Public Adjusters have expertise in negotiating on behalf of the policy holder. Their duties and responsibilities are state-regulated. They have the authority and the knowledge to represent you, as their client, legally.  This means that you can spare yourself the trouble of having to deal with your insurance provider. You can entrust the entire process to your Public Adjuster and rest in the assurance that your claim will be handled fairly.


You deserve the fulfillment of promises made to you by your insurance provider when you signed up for an insurance coverage with them and agreed to pay the premium. This is the mindset of Public Adjusters. One of their objectives is to preserve your rights as a policy holder. And because they are result-oriented, you can expect to have a favorable resolution at the end of their negotiation with your insurance provider. Apparently, the efforts of Public Adjusters are always focused on getting you a just and fair settlement.


Emotions can get really high in the event that your insurance claim has been denied while you’re dealing with loss and damage to your property. However, you’re not completely out of options. There are professionals who can help you manage and deal with the situation. Hiring a Public Adjuster to handle your insurance claim can turn things around to your favor and can spare you from the lingering feelings of anger and resentment. 

Public Adjusters can help you change the way you view insurance policies. They can help you expand your horizons so that you can become fully aware of your rights as an insurance policyholder. This will allow you to understand even more clearly that a denied insurance claim doesn’t necessarily equate to a denial of your rights as a consumer because you have a viable option to consider.

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