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We are committed to facilitate and assist our clients whenever the need for insurance claim arises. We want to make sure that property owners get the best insurance settlement that they deserve in order to alleviate the stress and anxiety brought about by the situation.

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Public Adjusters Miami understands the concerns and grievances of insurance policy holders. Our company is established to create a favorable mediation process that will ensure a fair and reasonable settlement between an insurance provider and a policy holder.

Our licensed team of public adjusters can facilitate the process of insurance claims for you. We can interpret and spell out your insurance policy to expand and boost your claims. You may get in touch with us anytime and you can count on us to address your concerns and queries regarding your insurance policy.

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Our clients are always on the top of our priorities and we want to make sure that they are happy and pleased with our services and insurance settlements. See what our clients have to say about our team;

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The Public Adjuster Miami Proudly Serving

Public adjuster aventura image
Public Adjuster Aventura

Are you in the middle of a property claim? Did you just experience home or property damage? Call our Aventura public adjusters now and they will jump right in, speaking on your claim and doing that hard work for you. Don’t try to go up against your insurance adjuster or company alone, let an expert public adjuster in Aventura do that for you. They remain professional yet empathetic at all times when it comes to your claim. They will investigate your losses and damages as you tell them, and then negotiate with the insurance company to come up with the best solution for you!

Public adjuster fort lauderdale image
Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale

If your home or property has been damaged in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to look for a Public Adjuster to help! Florida is well aware of the damage that storms, floods, and other natural disasters can cause to your property and because of this we aim to serve you with top-notch quality care. Our Fort Lauderdale public adjusters are always ready to help you get back the money you’ve lost in damages. Not only do they focus on retrieving money lost, but they also make sure you’re compensated for materials and items lost in the storm/damages. Call our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster today and don’t lose out on what has been taken from you.

public adjuster north miami beach image
Public Adjuster North Miami Beach

Living at North Miami Beach can be one of the most beautiful, scenic areas you’ll ever decide to live in and start a family in. But Florida is no stranger to natural disasters and other factors that can cause your property to become damaged or even tampered with. Our North Miami Beach public adjusters are here to help, nothing will get left out as they always seek to compensate you for all damages incurred (no matter how big or small) or any property that has been stolen or tampered with. Call our public adjusters in North Miami Beach today and no longer stress about the damages or money lost.

public adjuster miami gardens image
Public Adjuster Miami Gardens

Let’s face it, your house is your sanctuary and anything you own is a luxury, so when disaster strikes and the storms hit your house, suffering through loss and damages can become overwhelming and too devastating to handle alone. Let a Miami Gardens public adjuster be your hero, your lawyer, and your property saver when it comes to filing an insurance claim against the property loss and damage. Unless you’re an expert yourself, you’ll need a Miami Gardens public adjuster to speak to and fight for you when it comes to the insurance agents and getting you the right compensation you deserve.

public adjuster miami lakes image
Public Adjuster Miami Lakes

Our Miami Lakes public adjusters are some of the most professional in Florida, thoroughly examining the property themselves and making an assessment based on their findings, rather than waiting on the insurance company to figure it out and tell them. They treat every property and home as if it were theirs, only finding the best and most affordable solution for you, the property owner. Miami Lakes public adjusters fight for you and your belongings so that you don’t end up losing out on your property or anything with it, and instead you can focus on healing from the trauma of what happened to said property.

public adjuster miami beach image
Public Adjuster Miami Beach

Miami Beach may be one of the most popular, most infamous party towns and beaches in the whole world, but they aren’t invisible to disaster. Miami Beach public adjusters investigate and come up with the best solution for you, on your behalf, because they know how to handle the insurance claims more than the insurance agencies themselves. Don’t go at this alone, call a Miami Beach public adjuster who knows all of the tricks and trades to get you the most fair settlement of all.

public adjuster hallandale beach image
Public Adjuster Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach public adjusters know that sometimes insurance companies and insurance adjusters don’t always cut you the best deal nor do they always offer what you deserve according to what was lost or damaged. If you’ve experienced any type of damage to your property or home, call a Hallandale public adjuster today to receive the fair settlement that you deserve. Don’t let insurance companies stress you out and take even more from you than you’ve already lost, these Florida adjusters will treat you like family and act like they are fighting for their own property or home, and will always try to reach the most fair settlement possible for you.

public adjuster dania beach image
Public Adjuster Dania

Dania Beach has some of the most experienced and professional public adjusters in Florida, always trying to maximize your insurance claim to the best of their ability, and obtaining the best for you. If you’re going through a property loss or property damage claim, call a Dania public adjuster right now to get the help you are going to need during this difficult time. Dania public adjusters work for you and represent you as if they were fighting for their own.

public adjuster carol city image
Public Adjuster Carol City

When tragedy strikes, and disaster threatens to take away and ruin everything you own, it is easy to become discouraged and feel like there’s no way out. This is exactly why you need a public adjuster for when the problem seems to be too much and before it spirals out of control. Carol City public adjusters conduct deep evaluations on the property damage using only the best equipment and performing the best job they can at all times. If you are facing a challenging time with your property damage, let a Carol City public adjuster take care of the mess for you.

public adjuster hialeah image
Public Adjuster Hialeah

No matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, or property owner, Hialeah public adjusters are there to help during a catastrophe. They are trained to know exactly what to look for and what you will deserve according to what you have lost or what is damaged. Hialeah public adjusters will be there for you from start to finish, from the very first step to filing the claim and receiving the settlement you should get, not what the insurance adjusters think you should get.

public adjuster homestead image
Public Adjuster Homestead

If you have recently experienced water, fire, storm, lightening, wind, hail, or any disaster damage on your home or property, call a Homestead public adjuster immediately. Don’t allow your insurance company to send out a public adjuster that they hire to do the work for them, make sure you hire your own public adjuster in Homestead so they can work for you and not for the insurance company.

public adjuster hollywood image
Public Adjuster Hollywood

The Hollywood of Florida experiences disaster and storms just as much as any other city even though it’s easy to get lost in its beauty. Experiencing storm damage or any property loss at all can be devastating, and costly. Let a Hollywood public adjuster come in and save you from the mess and misery this loss has caused. It’s true that most people just don’t have the time or experience in dealing with such losses and damages, and filing claims then negotiating with the insurance company, so let our Hollywood public adjusters do all of the work for you today!

public adjuster sunny isles beach image
Public Adjuster Sunny Isles Beach

Even the most beautiful beaches experience some ugly tragedies, and if your home or property happens to become damaged during a storm or a flood, Sunny Isles Beach public adjusters will be there right beside you to help you along the way. You’ve got enough on your plate at the moment, allow a Sunny Isles public adjuster to carry some of that weight and speak to your insurance company on your behalf. Before they even speak to your insurance company, however, they will be sure to inspect your damaged property or home first and foremost, obtaining as much information from you beforehand as possible. This is what they will also bring up in discussion with your insurance adjuster, making sure no damage or loss is looked over.

public adjuster kendall image
Public Adjuster Kendall

The number one problem that homeowners and business owners face today when filing a claim with the insurance company, is not receiving the settlement they deserve when something goes wrong. You could lose your home, your property could be damaged, and still the insurance company wants to take even more from you - your money. Money that you will need to get through these next couple of months. Call a Kendall public adjuster right now and let them fight for you, getting you the settlement you deserve!

public adjuster south beach image
Public Adjuster South Beach

Property and home damage from a storm, fire, flood, or any type of disaster can result in a long, drawn out process with the insurance company and its adjusters. Furthermore, how are you going to make sure every loss is accounted for? It is times like these where you will need to call a South Beach public adjuster for immediate and accurate help. They will assess all of the damages and losses incurred by visiting the property and going through it with you, making sure they hear it from you and see it with their own eyes, this is how much they care about you and your hardship! If you are going through any type of property loss or damage in South Beach, call one of our expert public adjusters today!

public adjuster golden beach image
Public Adjuster Golden Beach

Golden Beach public adjusters are trained well, using a very well organized approach when combating the insurance adjuster and their claim against yours. When disaster strikes in your area, and you have to face property loss or property damage, call a Golden Beach public adjuster immediately. They will act as your lawyer, going up to bat for you against those who don’t have your best interest at heart. Golden Beach public adjusters will walk you through every single step and will also help you get organized in writing out all of your losses and damages so that you don’t miss anything.

public adjuster pembroke pines image
Public Adjuster Pembroke Pines

Experiencing loss or damage of property can quite possibly be one of the most, if not the most, stressful things you’ll ever have to go through in your life. That’s why we have expert public adjusters in Pembroke Pines, FL that you can rely on to help take all of that stress off of your back! Whether you’ve experienced wind damage, water damage, or fire damage, let our Pembroke Pines public adjusters represent you in your claim and get you the compensation you need from all you have lost.

public adjuster doral image
Public Adjuster Doral

Storms, floods, hurricanes, even vandalism can happen at any time, rearing its ugly head right at you and your belongings. When your property is stolen or damaged, the natural thing is to start freaking out and wondering how you are going to get back everything you just lost. Let our Doral public adjusters help you figure that out, and don’t try to do this on your own. Doral public adjusters are not only there to help you get the settlement you need but they also want to guide you every step of the way.

Public Adjuster Benefits

Insurance Policy holders that contact and seek for the assistance of a public adjuster at no cost usually get a better settlement or approved settlement from a denied one. Cases vary depending on the property damage; but Miami insurance policy holders usually get significant improvement on their insurance settlement.

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