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By Giovanni B.

What Type of Claims Do Public Adjusters Handle?

If you’re thinking about hiring a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim, you should first try to learn about the various projects that they work on. Different claims require different types of specialists and examinations, but regardless of their differences, the goal always remains the same: getting a good settlement. So if you would like to learn more about the different types of claims public adjusters handle then here’s what you need to know.

Fire Damage

fire damage insurance claims
Public Adjusters Handle: Fire damage insurance claims

Fire damage claims cover a wide range of incidents, from burnt-out homes to slightly scorched appliances. In such situations, public adjusters won’t just focus on the damages caused by the fire. They may also look for indirect effects, like smoke damage or water damage resulting from burned pipes or fixtures.

Additionally, public adjusters may also examine their clients’ homes to identify potential fire hazards. If they find any then they may speak with their clients on how such hazards could potentially affect their settlements. Some insurance carriers may use the presence of certain fire hazards to deny or reduce their clients’ settlements, which is why public adjusters often try to remove such threats before they begin negotiations.

Lightning and Power Surge Claims

Lightning and power surge claims involve items and properties which have been damaged by lightning, unstable electrical currents and other electricity-related accidents. Public adjusters who process such claims usually look at the damages caused by the lightning/electrical surge on their clients’ properties, their electronic appliances, and various other household items.

Additionally, they may also examine their clients’ electrical system to identify electrical hazards. If they find any then they will tell their clients immediately. Electrical hazards often undermine lightning/power surge insurance claims, and may even be used as proof of a claimant’s negligence. 

Theft and Vandalism Claims

Theft and vandalism claim often involves a lot of information, which is why they often require the attention of experienced public adjusters. When a home is robbed or vandalized, a public adjuster will work with law enforcement to catalog all damages inflicted on their client’s property.

They will also calculate the cost of removing graffiti, repairing damaged outdoor objects, replacing stolen items and various other costs. In more serious cases, they may also bring in criminologists and other specialists to provide expert opinion and other related services. Once all the information have been delivered, the public adjuster will create a report on the total cost of damages.

Smoke Damage

When public adjusters examine homes or buildings that have sustained smoke damage, not only will they look at the cost of repairing such structures, they will also look at the cost of cleaning and disinfecting them. Additionally, they may also bring in medical experts to make sure that residual traces of smoke and soot are no longer threats to their clients.

However, if there are health risks then the public adjuster may factor in safety and clean-up costs when the time comes to negotiate with their clients’ insurance carriers. They may also enlist the help of fire prevention personnel to identify other risks and hazards.

Wind Damage

water damage insurance claims
Public Adjusters Handle: water damage insurance claims

Wind damages usually include damages caused by tornadoes, wind storms, and thunderstorms. Public adjusters look at the direct and indirect damages caused by such disasters. These usually include torn roofs, damaged cars, broken windows, fallen trees, ruined yards, wrecked furniture and many more.

Moreover, they may also bring in other experts to corroborate their findings. Some may enlist the help of meteorologists, for example, while others will work with engineers to better understand the damages sustained by their clients’ properties. Once the experts are done with their work, the public adjusters will compile and interpret their findings and present them to their clients for assessment.

Water Damage

water damage insurance claims
Public Adjusters Handles: Water damage insurance claims

Water damage claims cover a wide variety of problems, from flooded living rooms to broken pipes and faucets. When public adjusters examine such problems, not only do they analyze the cost of repairing the pipes and fixtures, they will also look at the cost of repairing their clients’ walls, floors, and household items.

In many such cases, public adjusters will also enlist the help of professional plumbers and engineers to help them with their tasks. They will investigate the causes of the water damage, the total cost of repairs and the vulnerability of the rest of the area to similar water-related problems. They will then use this information to identify the causes of each water damage as well as the optimal ways to repair them.

Unconventional or Unknown Cases

There are also cases where public adjusters are faced with unconventional situations, like homes that suddenly collapse on themselves or inexplicable accidents. In such situations, their clients’ insurance carriers may avoid offering settlements due to a technicality or lack of proof.

To counter such tactics, public adjusters often enlist the help of additional experts and other specialists to provide professional assistance. Once they have the information they need, they will try to create a plausible explanation of why the accident or contingency came about.

They will then present their findings to their clients’ insurance carriers for negotiations. In those situations where the insurance carriers refuse to recognize the public adjusters’ findings, a mediator may be brought in to re-examine the claim. 

Additional Services

Aside from representing their clients, public insurance adjusters are also trained to understand how the insurance industry works; how to compel insurance carriers/companies to provide fair and honest settlements;

and how to comply with local and state laws with regards to insurance claims. So not only can public adjusters help you settle various types of insurance claims, but they can also help you understand how the entire process works.

Moreover, public adjusters also provide their clients with regular updates. With this information, clients are able to make informed decisions with regards to their settlements.

They also get the added advantage of knowing what their insurance carriers are doing and how much money/coverage they can expect to get from their settlements.

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