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By Giovanni B.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional who represents an insurance policyholder in the process of claiming for insurance coverage.

The duties of a Public Adjuster are state-regulated, and besides loyalty and professionalism with every client they work with, they also cover the following aspects; 

  1. Provides advice to policy holders regarding their insurance coverage 
  2. Manages all necessary documents and secures substantial evidences to support the case
  3. Submits claim to the insurance company

Public Adjuster companies that extend services to insurance policy holders offer comprehensive assistance to help clients maximize their claims. These companies have duly licensed Public Adjusters who work as professional claims handlers. They have the authority to negotiate with the insurance provider on behalf of their client. This means that they can represent the legal rights of an insured by using their technical expertise in interpreting insurance policies. Their services are geared towards acquiring the maximum amount of settlement for their clients. 

In the majority of cases, Public Adjusters are able to increase the value of the settlement for a client’s losses. The objective is to be able to negotiate with the insurance provider for a fair and reasonable amount based on the evidence presented. Therefore, Public Adjusters must substantiate their claims by preparing a detailed cost estimate that would strengthen the case. They usually seek the expertise of various professionals under different fields to furnish a credible report of the damages and estimated value of losses.

benefits of using a public adjuster
Benefits of using a public adjuster

What are the Benefits of Hiring Public Adjusters?

Here’s the scenario; in general, insurance companies seek the assistance of insurance adjusters in order to modify and revamp insurance claims on their behalf. This makes insurance policy holders even more entitled to do the same. It would be best to bring in the experts to facilitate the claiming process in order to handle all aspects of the insurance claim properly and fairly. Thus, it would be best to shed light on the importance of seeking the services of Public Adjusters to get the best settlement. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a Public Adjuster for your insurance claim;

Professional Insurance Policy Justification

Public Adjusters are highly-skilled in interpreting insurance policies and they are knowledgeable about the laws governing them. In most cases, your insurance provider may advise you about protecting your property which can convince you to sign for an insurance contract. However, most property owners are not fully aware about the scope of their insurance policies and the extent to which they can file for reasonable claims. 

Most of the time, it is already too late to discover that there are some important aspects missing in their policy. Licensed Public Adjusters are professionals who understand these scenarios because they undergo continuous training to stay updated on insurance regulations. Their expertise is beneficial when claiming for insurance coverage and can lead to a speedy resolution and successful negotiation. 

Efficient Management and Preparation of Necessary Documents

Preparation of all necessary documents and pertinent evidences which are crucial towards successful claiming of insurance coverage can be overwhelming. Negotiating for fair and reasonable settlement is not as simple and as smooth-sailing as you would expect. Most insurance policy holders go through a lot of frustration when claiming for insurance coverage especially following a devastating loss or property damage. Usually, problems arise due to lack of sufficient documents and supporting evidences.

Public Adjusters know how to handle such stressful circumstances and they are equipped with the right expertise to property manage all the necessary paper works. They know exactly what documents to present in order to make the insurance provider comply with the settlement. Moreover, they know the means to expedite the entire process by providing relevant evidences which prove that a policy holder truly deserve a fair compensation for the damages or losses.

Professional Negotiation

The process of negotiation is a major aspect in claiming for insurance coverage. This is one of the common skills and expertise of Public Adjusters. They know how to negotiate strategically in order to acquire the best settlement. Each insurance policy is reviewed thoroughly and in full detail to identify the merits of a case. Public Adjusters understand the circumstances that may potentially affect a specific claim. Thus, they negotiate for reasonable settlement from a position of strength where they can create suitable access to favorable resolution.

Credible Connections and Helpful Resources

Claiming for insurance coverage requires substantial evidence to get a settlement. In such case, reports and cost estimates furnished by professionals would be necessary to strengthen a case. This is something that Public Adjusters understand and closely look upon; thus, they build a wide network of professional and skilled contacts that can substantiate every claim. 

Given the fact that insurance companies tend to look for inadequacies that can lead to denial of claims, Public Adjusters are aware on how to fill in these gaps to create a stronger and more concrete case. They know when and how to make use of their connections and resources when filing for claims. Contractors, remediation specialists, lawyers, toxicologists, appraisers and forensic accountants are just some of the professionals that make up their network. They usually contact these experts to secure documentation of physical evidences relevant to a case such as damage assessments, report of losses and cost estimates. 

Successful Recovery and Fair Settlement

Studies reveal that insurance claims managed and negotiated by Public Adjusters have increased likelihood of yielding favorable results. The reason is because Public Adjusters oversee all aspects of the claim and make sure that they always have their best foot forward every step of the way. They make use of a strategic and meticulous approach in negotiating for reasonable settlement that would benefit their client until the end. 

Moreover, the expertise of Public Adjusters is always geared towards protecting the rights of their clients to ensure that they end up in an advantageous position. Thus, clients can have better and stronger chances of having successful recovery by receiving fair settlement.


It is easy to appreciate the state-regulated duties and responsibilities of Public Adjusters. More than anything, they put the interests of insurance policyholders back into perspective by making sure that their rights as consumers are protected. Public Adjusters enable their clients to appreciate and understand their insurance coverage, and to view their policy as an ally in difficult times rather than the cause of their inconveniences.

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