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By Giovanni B.

TOP 10 Questions to Ask Your Public Adjuster

A public insurance adjuster is more than just a person who can help you with your insurance claim.

He is also your advisor, and you can ask him all kinds of questions about your policy, your claim and even the insurance industry in general. So if you recently hired a public adjuster, you may want to ask him the following questions. 

10 Questions to ask your public adjuster

TOP 10 Questions to Ask Your Public Adjuster:

1. Did I Do Something Wrong?

People often make mistakes when they file their insurance claims. Maybe they signed something that they shouldn’t have signed, or maybe they agreed to something that they should have ignored.

If something went wrong with your insurance claim, it’s important that you tell your public adjuster as soon as possible. The sooner you tell him about the problem, the sooner he can take care of it for you. 

2. What Can You Tell Me About My Insurance Policy? 

Do you really understand your own insurance policy? Most people have a general idea of how the insurance industry works, but only a few can explain the finer details of their insurance policies. 

So when you meet your public adjuster, ask him about your policy. Maybe you missed something that could help you with your claim, or maybe there are certain sections of your policy that you just don’t understand.

In any case, discussing your insurance policy with your public adjuster will help you process your claim. 

3. When Can I Expect to Get A Response From My Insurance Company?

If you haven’t heard from your insurance in awhile, you may want to consult your public adjuster about it.

Some insurance companies will purposely ignore their clients so that they can extend the insurance claims process and take advantage of certain loopholes.  

If you have this problem then ask your public adjuster about it. Public adjusters function as their clients’ representatives, and they may be able to help you get the prompt response that you deserve. 

4. Are There Other Cases/Claims Similar to My Own?

You should ask your public adjuster if he’s worked with a client whose claim was similar to your own. If he has, ask him to share some of the details with you. 

Whether you’re filing a claim for water damage, hurricane damage or fire damage, your case is not likely unique. You can learn a lot from other people’s insurance claims, including their solutions, problems, and mistakes.

So ask your public adjuster about some of the other cases that he’s worked on. You may be surprised by what you can learn from such cases. 

5. Do I Need to Prepare Some Paperwork?

Insurance claims often involve a lot of paperwork, so you might as well be ready for it. Ask your adjuster about what kind of paperwork you’ll need to complete to speed up your claim.

Public adjusters often handle their clients’ paperwork, but they may also need you to sign off on a few documents.

And if your claim involves legal issues, you should ask your public adjuster if these issues can affect your insurance claim.

The sooner you can deal with the technicalities and paperwork, the easier it will be for your public adjuster to complete your insurance claim.

6. How Long Will It Take to Process My Claim?

Processing an insurance claim takes time, but it’s important that you know how much time you’ll need to process yours. If your claim involves a lot of complicated details then your public adjuster may need more time to deal with them. 

Furthermore, you should also know that insurance companies have no incentives to quickly pay their clients’ claims. From their perspective, the longer they can hold on to the money, the better.

So when you hire a public adjuster, ask him how quickly he can complete your claims process.

And if your insurance company is delaying the process, ask your adjuster if he knows how to speed it up or at least prevent your insurance company from using some of their old tricks.

7. How Much Money Can I RealisticallyGet From My Insurance Company?

You will need to know how much money you can realistically get from your insurance company, so you should ask your public insurance adjuster about the best-case scenario for you and your claim.

If you know how much money you can realistically get for your damages then you will be in a much better position to get the best possible claim.

In contrast, people who have unrealistic expectations often end up getting a lot less than what they deserve to get.

Likewise, you should also inquire about the worst-case scenario. If things go badly for you, how much money can you realistically get from your insurance company? Your public adjuster should be able to tell you.

8. What Are My Options? 

If you’re stuck with a problem, consult your adjuster about your options. Sometimes, a difficult situation can have more than one solution, and you should be aware of all of them. 

One of the reasons why a lot of people keep getting bad settlements from their insurance companies is because they are not aware of all their options.

So consult your public adjuster about your options, and you’ll be able to deal with your problems more effectively. 

9. Do You Expect Problems? 

As soon as you’ve hired your public adjuster, ask him what he thinks of your insurance claim. Most public adjusters have worked in the insurance industry, so they can easily identify problems that their clients are not even aware of.

If he does find something that could complicate your insurance claim, ask him what you should do about it. 

10. Do You Have Any Suggestions? 

Finally, you should ask your public adjuster if he has any advice for you. Most will give you their professional advice as soon as you hire them, but you should ask them anyway. Just to be sure.

Maybe they forgot to tell you something, or maybe there are certain issues that he may have overlooked in the past few days.

In any case, asking your public adjuster for suggestions is always a good idea, particularly if you don’t have any experience dealing with insurance companies.   

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